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Just Buffie
My b-day party in NYC 2009
My bday party in NYC 2007
My Bday party in NYC 2008
Bday party in Baltimore,MD 2009


  1. I love you! You have encouraged me in numerous ways! Don't stop what you do! For it is your gift from God!

    1. is this a gift from God? She is exposing herself and you are saying is a gift from God? DONT SAY THAT FOOLISNESS AGAIN

  2. I just watched your youtube video (suggested by Youtube) and I can't believe you inspired me to put my glass down and begin the Standup Ab workout on a Friday night instead of going out to celebrate my birthday...I'm giving myself Abs and Azz for my birthday. I'm about to watch another video...You're sooo blessed...xoxo! Keep it up girl!

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