"First off, yes my real name is actually Buffie. I am originally from Athens, GA and the third of seven children (three boys and four girls). I had a pretty humble upbringing. Growing up we didn't have a lot but we had the necessities. My mother kept the family very close knit meaning I grew up in the same house with all my brothers and sisters. We were never separated and always together and my mother wouldn’t have it any other way. She LOVED her kids and would go to war for them if she had to. My youngest sister passed away from cancer in 2005 and my mother lost her battle with the illness in 2012….the worst, saddest and most confusing times of my entire life.

My road to industry stardom if you will began in 2005 when I hired a photographer in Washington D.C. to do a swimsuit shoot just to have pictures for myself and to send to my boyfriend at the time as a gift. After the shoot, I returned home to wait for the finished product to arrive in the mail. Next thing I know, to my surprise, he posted my photos online without my knowledge or consent. Initially I was furious, however, little did I know, those very same pictures would be the catalyst for the "Buffie The Body" phenomenon. I actually never dreamed of being a "video vixen". It was something I initially was never interested in. I knew nothing of the urban modeling industry. People started contacting me from all over wanting to know "who's that girl?" One of those contacts would be G-Unit Records requesting that I be the main feature model in the music video "So Seductive" by rapper Tony Yayo. That video along with a subsequent 7-page featured layout in the July-August 2005 (issue #18) of KING Magazine started it all. From that point, magazine after magazine, radio requests, hosting gigs, movie offers, TV appearances, news articles and repeated interviews all put me on a whirlwind of popularity and worldwide traveling for the seven years that followed. I became an internet sensation, a top video vixen, and one of if not the #1 household names in urban glamour modeling.

I suppose one could say I defied the odds because most careers in this industry don't last nearly as long as mine. Video vixens are usually only around for a year or two. I never thought I would make such an impact but still to this day, I am still requested to make appearances in magazines and music videos. Nevertheless, I have moved on to other ventures but I’m still very much active in event hosting. I just love traveling and meeting new and interesting people.

In 2008 I moved into the fitness industry by creating www.Bodynomics.com and in 2009 I posted my first workout videos on Youtube. I felt like women, especially African American women, needed fitness and exercise guidance. Most of us know nothing about fitness and health and how to exercise properly. Moreover, there's a big misconception that you have to be thin with very few curves to be considered fit and healthy or even fine. I want to be the one that fills that void and teach women the real deal. So I started doing research, reading and conversing with trainers in the fitness field and never looked back. I feel like the fitness industry is where I belong, it's my passion and this is where I want to be for a very long time.

This website was constructed with YOU in mind...my fans. As you will see on this site, it's more personal than anything I've ever done in the past. It's about the real me and not just the industry persona "Buffie the Body". At this phase of my life, I am really just about truly living and being happy. My hobbies include: sewing, landscaping, target shooting, baking, and international travel. I'm also interested in race cars and motorcycles…lol.

My future plans are to produce my own line of fitness DVDs and travel the world promoting health & fitness. I would also love to one day have my own fitness segment on television for the ladies. I believe the sky's the limit. There's nothing I can't do. That's my attitude and I'm sticking with it. At the end of the day, I want to be remembered as that relentless and hard working woman that may have been introduced to the world because of her voluptuous assets but is currently enhancing the world with my work ethic and overall eager attitude on making our women more aware of their health and bodies."

I recently became certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a CPT and I'm really excited about that accomplishment! Look out world...HERE I COME!!!! 

Enjoy the site!

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  1. I like your work ethic and your determination to succeed in all of your endeavors! You go girl:-)

    Shiba J.

  2. I am soo happy for you and we need more African American women to represent us in the area of health and fitness. Your story is truly transformative and inspirational. Keep up the great work!

  3. I just want you to know that i am a huge fan. I always knew about you when i was younger (i have 8 brothers lol) but when i stumbled upon your youtube videos i got super excited. I'm the president of a women's empowerment organization called the Talented FIFTH on the campus of Rust College in Holly Springs, Mississippi. One of our objectives is to promote holistic wellness and as president i want to introduce a women's fitness program to my campus. We are in the South and our meal plan consists of fried, greasy, and overall unhealthy food for the most part and i've had too many young ladies share stories with me about the awkward trips home where everyone talks about their recent weight gain. And when i tell you the Freshman 15 aint got nothing on Rust College's cafeteria menu!! I'm talking 30+ lbs for some of us ladies. Nevertheless, i'm proud to report that I've just purchased your DVD bundle and that's going to be there first step to our budding fitness club. I thank you for your hard work and your commitment to fitness because it has inspired me and so many others.

  4. Hi Buffy,

    I watch your video everyday after work and on m=Monday after I come from the gym. I work out to them daily. I am 5'2 191 lbs. I currently take 50 ml of High Blood Pressure Meds. I am trying to get off of them all the way and he doctor stated that 2 sure ways is to starting eating right and workout everyday. I thank you for setting the bar for those of us who need to be reminded to get up and do something. Keep up your great work you have NO idea how many people you have helped.I am trying to save up to get that brick built squat built I really want on I know it can only help me.

    God Bless You BUFF